Frequently Asked QuestionsFor clients looking at booking a Speaker or Trainer

If you have a question about booking a speaker, trainer or a coach or the logistics of organising an event with a speaker or trainer, then this is the place for you.

Take a look at the below frequently asked questions and if your query hasn't been answered, contact us  and we will respond to all your queries promptly.

1. How do I choose a speaker/Trainer?

To choose the right speaker for your event, it is important to address the themes of your event, expected outcome and the event's intention. From there, it is easier to choose the perfect speaker, trainer dependant on their field of expertise and style of speaking.

Similarly, by identifying the profile of the audience you are expecting, it is easier to choose a speaker/trainer who will engage and create impact.

An average speaker talks for around 45-60 minutes, so it is beneficial for you to hire someone who can capture the audience's attention for that long. A trainer is usually booked for half day, full days, longer duration or multiple times depending upon the brief.

This is where OUTspoken Speakers come in. With decades of experience, we are able to quickly identity the speaker/trainer who fits your brief and provide the right solution.

Once you have clarity on the topic, target audience/profile and the budget, it is easy for an agency to support you with the right speaker/trainer.

2. How far in advance can I make a booking? 

Whether you have a last-minute corporate event, or a conference the following year, OUTspoken Speakers will be able to assist you in the process of finding the perfect speaker/trainer for your event every step of the way, depending upon the availability and the expected outcomes. A trainer requires more time to understand the brief, expected outcomes to then create a bespoke training intervention. A speaker may be available at short notice, depending upon the event outcome, virtual or in-person event.

3. Can I book a speaker/trainer for events/sessions in other countries?

Yes. OUTspoken Speakers team has worked in several countries, such as India, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, China, Europe, UK, Sri Lanka, Malaysia.

OUTspoken Speakers will either provide a relevant speaker/trainer in the country that is hosting the event or session, or will provide speaker/trainer options from other parts of the world, and manage all the logistics on behalf of you. 

4. Do you have access to other speakers/trainers other than those featured on your website?

Yes absolutely. We work with speakers, trainers from around the world. This website provides a list of hand-picked speakers/trainers from our current list. We also have access to several speakers through our global partnerships. Regardless of the speaker/trainer you finally choose, it is our promise that we will give you fully vetted speakers/trainers for your event needs.

If you can’t see the name of your ideal speaker listed, get in touch with us and we will find out if your desired speaker is available for your event.

5. Why book with OUTspoken Speakers over other agencies?

Our team has decades of experience in supporting organisations with their speaker/trainer requirements and understand the hassles often associated with booking external speakers/trainers. We have worked with over 500 clients, from all around the world to support them with the right speaker/trainer and work closely with them to manage all the administrative hassles and logistics.

No matter how small or large your enquiry, our in-house experts have the experience and know-how to ensure you have everything you need.

6. Why book with a Speakers Agency?

There are a number of reasons to book with a speaker’s agency. Some of the key benefits include:

·         Using our time, not yours to select the right speaker/trainer

·         Getting access to the best-in-class fully vetted speakers/trainers

·         Letting us handle the finer details which can be time consuming and tiresome

·         Focusing on creating impact and an enriched experience for your audience, and not the hassle.

·         Making sure you are paying the right fee

7. How do I book a Speaker/Trainer?

The process of booking a speaker/trainer can be difficult. With an agency like OUTspoken Speakers, we make it easy to book a Speaker/Trainer . All you need to have ready is your brief and budget.

Our role is to help you find, book and organise the administration and make it as smooth as possible for you.

You can browse through our speaker section on our website, which has several categories.

Once you find a speaker/trainer that seems to suit your brief, you can write to us and we will discuss the brief and the budget and take it forward from there.

Alternatively, you may want to talk through the brief more in detail, in which case you can get in touch with a member of our team and they will draw up a shortlist of top speakers/trainers that suit your brief and budget.

8. How much does a Speaker/Trainer cost?

The cost of a speaker/trainer can differ drastically dependent on experience, influence whether they are a keynote speaker, category of event/trainer, that they are being booked for.

At OUTspoken Speakers we are confident that we can find the perfect speaker/trainer for you taking into account the range of prices for our speakers, without compromising on quality.

The best way to determine which speakers fall within your price budget is to inquire and let our team take the difficulty, confusion and worry out of booking a speaker. 

9. Who co-ordinates the speaker/trainers travel arrangements/other logistics?

Our team at OUTspoken Speakers work closely with our clients to ensure the logistics for speaker/trainers travel, accommodation, transfers and other requests are managed smoothly.