The Police Reflect Society and Vice Versa

Once again, the Police are the focus of discussions around misogyny, homophobia and outright discrimination. Read more

The Burden Of Progress, Why Minority-Led Inclusion And Diversity Initiatives Can’t Be The Solution

Standing at an intersection of identities – trans woman, neurodivergent, from a low socio-economic background – the corporate diversity game is my bread and butter. However, nobody has yet managed to crack the puzzle of nailing a truly inclusive organisation, and I am not sure we ever will unless something changes. Read more

Microbial Mashup Why Diversity Builds Resilience, Both In Gut and Boardroom

Deep within our bodies, in a tangled ecosystem buzzing with life, lies a hidden ally: the microbiome.

These trillions of tiny beings, from bacteria to fungi, hold immense power over our health, influencing everything from digestion to mood. But their secret weapon? DIVERSITY. Read more

‘Where are My Lesbians?

One of my favourite films is Pride. I remember watching it at the cinema with a friend, and like many, I cried at the end, when the miners drove to London to support the gays who had raised thousands for them during the strikes of the 1980s. Read more

Gender is Not Genitalia

Considering recent global media reports, I found it timely to revisit this post. Whether you're a friend, ally, or someone eager to learn, I want to share the invaluable insights I've gained during my life journey. Read more

A Rainbow Coloured Seat At The Table

I began my alternative parenting journey in 2010. It was exciting, complicated and at times scary. We stumbled along and have done a good job raising two wonderful children. Well except for the trauma, depression, and impending divorce! Read more