DIVA spoke with the adviser on gender equity and hate crime about the importance of diversity

Saba is a lived-experience trauma and discrimination speaker and works with many governing bodies to facilitate change including the Crown Prosecution Service scrutiny panels for London Hate Crime and Violence Against Women & Girls, Metropolitan Police Service LGBT+ Independent Advisory Group, Trans and Non-Binary Forum and co-chair for their Learning and Development Community Reference Group....
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Marie-Helene Tyack on DEI and LGBTQIA representation in the workplace

DIVA spoke to the the Chair of the Allianz Global Pride Board about her work in diversity and inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion have always been at the heart of Marie-Helene’s career ...
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Cynthia Fortlage founded CAF Services and is a successful entrepreneur in London, UK. With a remarkable experience of over 30 years in technology, Cynthia is an expert in process simplification, strategic planning, and leadership. Her expertise also extends to creating intentional corporate cultures that promote human rights, sexuality, and gender diversity....
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Laura Rose on Inclusivity in cosmetics, being an LGBTQIA parent, and menopause

DIVA meets with the LGBTQIA spokesperson for The Body Shop about the importance of being your authentic self at work and beyond ...
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