Raga D'silva

Author, Entrepreneur, LGBTQ+ Activist, TEDx Speaker (She/Her)

Who am I

Raga D’silva is a well known author, TEDx speaker and entrepreneur. She has worked in numerous geographies, including India, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore over the last 30 years in media, entertainment and advertising. Born and raised in India, Raga struggled with her sexuality, making headlines when she came out as a lesbian at the age of 50 through her debut book ‘Untold Lies’. Since then, she has been a vocal supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and has dedicated her efforts to championing the rights of the community. 

Raga is a Trustee is on the Board of Enfield Saheli  as well as on the board of  Child Rights & You UK. Her personal coming out journey has been documented across various media channels including BBC India and BBC One. Shortlisted for the ‘Woman of the Year’ by the Asian Achievers Awards 2022, Raga is fast becoming a voice for older LGBTQ+ people, striving to ensure global equality for all. Raga is an intervenor in the current marriage equality rights in India. Raga has been shortlisted amongst 90k nominations and vote for the prestigious National Diversity Awards 2023.Raga speaks on various topics including intersectionality, Diversity & Inclusion, Entrepreneurship, Personal Branding and Ancient Wisdom & Modern Solutions.

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